Video: Identifying Judgement From The Most High – Historical Examples

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The Bubble Ain’t For Us

We just talked about this in our recent 4 Corners Radio broadcast. Black celebrities who think that the White supremacy bubble will eternally take care of them just because they have been invited inside. They forget that they are “guests” in a house that was not built for them. Oprah is now getting her wake up call.

She better grab her coat.

Preferring Your Own Race is Actually Okay…And Natural

While newborn infants demonstrated no spontaneous preference for faces from either their own- or other-ethnic groups, 3-month-old infants demonstrated a significant preference for faces from their own-ethnic group. These results suggest that preferential selectivity based on ethnic differences is not present in the first days of life, but is learned within the first 3 months of life. The findings imply that adults’ perceptions of ethnic differences are learned and derived from differences in exposure to own- versus other-race faces during early development.

“Three-month-olds, but not newborns, prefer own-race faces”