What Israel Is Missing When It Comes To This Kobe Bryant Situation

“Kobe Cuts Parents Off Financially, But Bankrolls Vanessa’s Family”

For starters, most people are running with the headline only, just to make a dig about Black men in general. But let’s continue in the story. 

From the article:

“Their last conversation went down in 2013 after his parents refused to accept a home from him that they thought was anything but luxurious. Later, they tried to auction off some of his high school memorabilia without his consent to make money off of him.

“Our relationship is s***. I say [to them], ‘I’m going to buy you a very nice home, and the response is ‘That’s not good enough’? Then you’re selling my s***?” ~ Kobe Bryant

Kobe wasn’t buying them a shack. Check out what it says later in the article. 

“Back to that incident in 2013… Kobe tried giving his parents a home in Vegas that was worth less than a million dollars. His mom refused to accept the home, because Kobe had just spent $3.2 million on a mansion in Newport Beach, CA for Vanessa’s mom, Sofia Lane! Sofia ended up selling that home, and Kobe bought her another multi-million dollar mansion nearby!

Now, for the majority reading that excerpt, you are simply looking at the dollar amounts and drawing conclusions. 

Now my family and I lived about 15 mins away from Newport Beach (Orange county) for a few years prior to 2013. ANYBODY familiar with that area knows that $3.2 million does not buy you a whole lot. It is very common to see homes that are valued in the millions to look like middle class homes you would see in, let’s say Inland Empire area, or Georgia. What you are paying for is the LOCATION. 

Now as you just read, Kobe was going to spend just under a million dollars for a home for his parents in the Las Vegas area (somewhere we have visited and considered moving). At that time in 2013, the housing bubble had just popped, but you could still get a lot of home for a little. If he was willing to spend that much in Vegas at that time, I can assure you that it was not some shack (anyone from the Vegas area who lived there during that time can confirm this). 

This is why you can’t just look at the numbers that this writer provided. 

Now he was going to buy a house for his parents out right with no mortgage for them to worry about. And their response is according to this article “That’s not good enough?” Most parents would not give that type of response which leads us to understand why there was some other things going on in their relationship that seems like it bubbled up once he started making that money. Again, we are just sticking to the limited information that the article provides. 

Now the same people who are out here saying that Kobe NEVER financially helped his parents CONVENIENTLY leave this part out. 

“After some back and forth, his parents were allowed to sell 6 items at auction, totaling $500,000. They later released a short statement thanking Kobe for his financial support throughout the years.

“We regret our actions and statements related to the Kobe Bryant auction memorabilia. We apologize for any misunderstanding and unintended pain we may have caused our son and appreciate >the financial support that he has provided to us over the years,” ~ Joe & Pam Bryant”

A couple of things. So apparently, Kobe DID support his family financially over the years. And as far as the memorabilia situation goes, again, according to the same article people out here are quoting in pieces:

“Later, they tried to auction off some of his high school memorabilia without his consent to make money off of him.”

This is why I mentioned earlier that it sounds like his family has some serious drama going on. 


“Even his sisters have been cut off from the money train, but Kobe doesn’t think they will have any issues gaining financial success of their own.

“[My sisters are] very smart, college-educated [women]. I’m really proud of them. They were able to get their own jobs, get their own lives, take care of themselves. Now they have a better sense of self, of who they are as people, instead of being resentful because they were relying on me,” ~ Kobe Bryant

Kobe said cutting off his family was “tough” for him to do, but it was something he felt forced into.”

Again, if you have a family that has a lot of drama, brining money into the equation ALWAYS makes things worst. We have all seen this from time to time in most of our families. So yes, cutting everyone off to maintain the peace would be a tough decision. 


So far, I have not found any article that says or suggests that he bankrolled her entire family. The only thing I was able to find was that he bought her parents a house, JUST LIKE HE TRIED TO DO WITH HIS PARENTS and they rejected it. Second, OF COURSE his wife would have been take care of…THAT IS HIS WIFE. So why would that be an issue to anybody, let alone anyone’s business?

As I mentioned in previous videos, I never considered myself a Kobe fan. Yes he was a great player and was known throughout the Southern California area for doing things. According to this webpage (https://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/kobe-bryant), Kobe and his wife gave to multiple charities and foundations and created their own foundation (Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation). Again, none of this is ever mentioned by those crying “Kobe ain’t do nothing for the people”. For those who really want to know, just do a Google search to see the many other things he has done off the court. 

In addition to all of that, his wife Vanessa has created a foundation for all the families who lost their loved ones in that same helicopter crash that tragically took the life of her husband and daughter. 

So Why Did I Write All Of This?

Both Oprah and Gayle have demonstrated a persistent pattern of targeting and highlighting the WORST in Black men. When Gayle kept asking Lisa Leslie over and over and over again about the rape allegation against Kobe, she showed herself and the long established agenda both she and Oprah have been part of for a very long time. This time however, there are many people within the Black community who are saying “Enough is enough”.

On this platform, both my wife and I have joyfully focused on the needs of our women. We took a firm stance against others within Israel who either preached of message that talked down to our women, and even called out those who did peddle in this mess. We have also helped women who are in need OFFline thanks in part to the generous help of others who also contributed to give these dear sisters a second chance for both them and their families. 

With that being said, we are also just as committed to the well being of our men. It’s one thing to spend all of our time pointing out what they are doing wrong. We want to also point to the things that they are doing right and encourage them to continue doing good. What they are not doing right, we are committed to showing them how to make corrections in a lovingly matter. And just like with the sistahs, we will do all we can to be a voice to defend BOTH when we see them being nitpicked over by those who simply have an axe to grind with either or both. 

There are those who would say, “Why waste your time talking about people like Kobe Bryant?” He is not in the Truth. The truth is that Yissa’Yah that we are to “…Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Israel is LACKING in men. And the only way we are fix that is to go out to them. There are a lot of good men out there who are good fathers, bothers, and sons and are doing the best that they can. Yet, they live in a world where people like Oprah and Gayle help solidify a stereotype that they have to fight through—-oftentimes with little or no help from those who claim to be in the “Truth”. What I have seen over these past few days are numbers of Hebrew women and some men who are so quick to buy into the headlines and toss the entirety of Kobe Bryant into the trash can. And just like our oppressors, many of our own end up projecting their feelings about Kobe to Black men in general. The following are real comments I have collected from HEBREW women over the last couple of days. Now bear in mind, before some would want to counter by mentioning comments made by Black (Hebrew) men, let me remind you AGAIN that we have done several videos calling that out as well. 

“Black men collectively don’t protect, build, or provide us with anything but excuses.”

“We have weak men”

“Black and useless men as usual! Always fending for others but themselves.”

“We (Black women) are truly all alone”

Again, these comments come from self-proclaimed HEBREW women. This certainly does not represent all Hebrew women, but I do hear this sentiment a lot. 

What I did in the first part of this article was to show you how we have to be careful when measuring each other: our women and our men. We can’t cry for justice while at the same time judge people in an unjust matter. 

Kobe may not been in the Truth, but do we really believe he would have seen a reason to come into the truth with these types of attitudes? I mean, let’s be honest. How many other men out there are we pushing away because of what we deem as imperfections? 

There are some who were telling me that all of this is nothing more than a distraction. I reject that. These are the very types of conversations we need to have. Do we really love our people (both those who are in the Truth and those who are not) as much as we say we do? 

As I said to one commenter, I will always do my best to protect the good legacies of our people regardless if they are in the Truth or not. But for those who have made it their mission to help tear down those legacies, you will not find a friend in me. Oprah and Gayle have chosen their side when it comes to Black men. What side will the Daughters of Zion choose?

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